Our Concept

Restaurant Concept

Authentic home-cooked meals being served in a modern and comfortable ambience in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Desa Sri Hartamas!

Mallar Bistro is a welcome addition to your neighbourhood and a place that services a community. A place where neighbours can pop in for an afternoon coffee, tosai for breakfast, a cafe latte after work and a cosy meal for two, a Sunday lunch with the family or a late-night takeaway meal. 

Your Favourite Authentic
Indian Food Restaurant

The Food Concept of Banana Leaf Bistro consist of the followings

Authentic South Indian Cuisine

Banana Leaf Meals

Tandoori & Naan

Afternoon Tea (Kueh, Idiyappam, Uppuma, Vadai, Karipap, Meehoon Goreng, Samosa etc)

Fresh Fried Items (Chicken, Fish, Seafood on Display Chiller)

Special Fried Chicken

Kampung Chicken Specialties

Ala Carte Dishes

Breakfast (Nasi Lemak, Idiyappam, Uppuma, Vadai, Karipap, Meehon Goreng etc)

Goreng Goreng

Fish Head Curry

Grandma’s Remedy of the Day (Special Medicinal value Cuisine varies each day)

Indian Snacks (Idiyamppam, Puttu, Kesari, Appam)


Typical Mamak Drinks

Smoothies & Ice Blended

Barista Coffee Specialties

Health Drink of The Day

Fresh Juices